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Sep 10, 2010

CJ Goecks- Perfect Connection Golf 9-18

One of Golf Digest’s Top 20 Instructors in Texas, CJ is also Director of the Performax Golf Academy at Craig Ranch.

After cutting his teeth as a coach at the Leadbetter Junior Academy in Bradenton, Florida, CJ served as Instructor with the Northern Golf Federation in Mexico … was a coach for the Uruguayan Golf Federation … and has worked with several world-class junior golfers, as well. He is acknowledged one of the fastest-rising stars in the U.S. golf instruction community.

CJ has also served as Master Instructor for Jim McLean, and was Director of The Junior Academy at Waterchase in Fort Worth, Texas.

He works with several PGA TOUR players, LPGA players, and the number-one-ranked female in all of college golf.

At the very heart of the Perfect Connection Swing’s success is CJ’s unique philosophy on swing development. As he explains it:

“I was always wondering why no golf swing I ever tried could alleviate the pain in my back, shoulders, and wrists. But in the course of my studies, I realized that every other swing had been developed strictly from the angle of ‘performance’ … with really no regard for its effect on your body. And they were simply never meant to be used for thirty, forty, fifty years or more!

I figured it was about time we have a golf swing where the very first consideration in design is the long-term well-being of the golfer … with the actual performance being second.

"the greatest aspect however, is performance improved dramatically when the body was allowed to work the way it was designed." CJ Goecks

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